Modify SQL Agent Errorlog path and Default Database Path

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If you are moving databases to a new drive/volume or another server (different drive letter), you will find it useful to also change the SQL Server Agent log path as well as the Database Default Locations path. If you do not change the SQL Agent log path, SQL Agent will fail to start. If you do not modify the Database Default Locations path, creating a database may fail, if the original drive letter\path does not exist any more.

To change the SQL Agent log path:

1. In SQL Server Management Studio expand SQL Server Agent

2. Right-click on Errorlogs
3. Click on Configure
4. Change the Error Log File path to the new desired location

To change the Database Default Locations path

1. In SQL Server Management Studio right-click on the SQL Server name
2. Choose Prooperties
3. Choose Database Settings
4. Under "Database Default Locations" modify the Data and Log paths to the new, desired location

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